I Still Hide to Smoke (À mon âge je me cache encore pour fumer)
Nadia Kaci, Fadila Belkebla, Hiam Abbass
Directed by Rayhana Obermeyer

Fatima, a strong-minded woman, is the lead masseuse of a hammam in Algiers. This is 1995 and the situation is tense in the capital. The day ahead promises to be hectic for all, and for Fatima in particular. Already, while walking to her place of work, she is the distant witness of a terrorist attack. At the hammam, Fatima should feel better, but the atmosphere proves electric in her small enclosed world, she has great difficulty in maintaining order. All the more as Meriem, a sixteen-year-old pregnant girl comes to take shelter at the hammam. And as irate brother, Mohamed, is after her to cleanse his honor in blood.

  • Thu, 09/19/2019 9:00pm
Every family has a secret.
Michelle Williams
Directed by Bart Freundlich

After The Wedding | Official Trailer HD (2019)


Seeking funds for her orphanage in India, Isabelle travels to New York to meet Theresa, a wealthy benefactor. An invitation to attend a wedding ignites a series of events in which the past collides with the present as mysteries unravel.

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Le vénérable W
Kyaw Zayar Htun, U. Zanitar, Ashin Wirathu
Directed by Barbet Schroeder

In Burma, the Venerable Wirathu is a highly respected and influential Buddhist monk. Meeting him amounts to traveling to the heart of everyday racism and observing how Islamophobia and hate speech lead to violence and destruction. Yet this is a country in which 90% of the population has adopted Buddhism as a faith: a religion based on a peaceful, tolerant and non-violent way of life.

  • Thu, 09/26/2019 9:15pm
Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice
Linda Ronstadt
Directed by Rob Epstein

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice | Official Trailer


In LINDA RONSTADT: THE SOUND OF MY VOICE, Ronstadt is our guide through her early years of singing Mexican canciones with her family; her folk days with the Stone Poneys; and her reign as the "rock queen" of the '70s and early '80s. She was a pioneer for women in the male-dominated music industry; an early advocate for human rights, and had a high-profile romance with California governor Jerry Brown. Ultimately, her incredible voice was lost to Parkinson's disease, but her music and influence remain as timeless as ever. With moving performance footage and appearances by collaborators including Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne, LINDA RONSTADT: THE SOUND OF MY VOICE celebrates an artist whose desire to share the music she loved made generations of fans fall in love with her - and the sound of her voice.

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Downton Abbey
Matthew Goode
Directed by Michael Engler

DOWNTON ABBEY - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters September 20


The continuing saga of the Crawley family and the servants who work for them in the English countryside in the early 20th century.

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Iyengar: The Man, Yoga, and the Student's Journey
Directed by Jake Clennell

Iyengar: The Man, Yoga, and the Student's Journey – Official Trailer


Iyengar Yoga is universally respected, practiced worldwide and credited by multitudes as life-transforming, but because its founder B. K. S. Iyengar is famously reclusive, little is known about the man who invented this powerful practice... until now! Thanks to exclusive, intimate access to this legendary yogi, Jake Clennell's documentary Iyengar: The Man, Yoga, The Student’s Journey is able to showcase the profound spirituality embedded in his practice, which has led religions around the world including Catholicism and Islam to incorporate Iyengar Yoga into their ritual observances. Best of all is the extraordinary time spent with Iyengar, himself, including in the studio where he rules alternately with an iron fist and a velvet touch while demonstrating feats of flexibility and discipline that would be extraordinary if carried out by an Olympic gymnast, let alone a man in his 90s. This documentary is required viewing for anyone with an interest in yoga, wellness, spirituality, or the connection of mind and body.

  • Sun, 11/03/2019 1:00pm
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